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Often, the first question a potential client asks me is:
" How much do you charge for an inspection?"

My response is that the price for an inspection is dependent upon variables such as the size,age and proximity of the property to my office. For example, an inspection on a house built after 1978 and within 20 miles of my office would be as follows:
1500 sq.ft. or less   $350.
1501-2000 sq.ft.     $375.
2001-2500 sq.ft.     $400.
2500-3000 sq.ft.     $425.
Please contact me for pricing on houses greater than 3000 sq.ft. 

Though "how much?" is a very valid and important question, I believe that you should first be asking other questions of your prospective inspector. Does he or she have "hands on" experience in the construction or remodeling industries. Is the inspector a member of a recognized National and International Inspectors' Association that requires ongoing training in order to remain a member. If the inspector says "yes" to these questions, as I can, then I believe you will feel more confident in the choice that you make.

For your convenience, I accept cash; personal checks; Visa; Mastercard; Discovercard and Paypal as payment options. 

Please contact me and let's talk about your needs.  

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